Al-Sagheer Commercial Company

Sons of Muhammad Samih al-Saghir

Al-Sagheer Company with Limited Liability, among its most important products: Al-Wadia, Al-Saada, Liness is at your fingertips in all Syrian governorates with high quality and competitive prices

The founder's word (Professor Abdul Salam Al Sagheer):

Today, after all these years and the accumulation of experiences and achievements, I am pleased to extend my thanks and gratitude to the customers, suppliers and employees of Al Sagheer Company. Al-Sagheer Company started its activity on 2/5/2009 and expanded on 10/10/2017

With small capabilities, we faced challenges and difficulties, and our goal from the beginning was to build unchallenged leadership and maintain it in the Syrian market by focusing on customers and consumers.

Today, we are all proud that we have not stopped producing and giving during the difficult years that have passed for our beloved country.

We continued to succeed, expand our business, and hug our cadres continuously, and we preserved our human assets as real resources for the advancement and continuation of creativity and success.

In conclusion: I would like to extend my thanks to all the customers and employees of Al Sagheer Company, who have the credit for the good reputation and confidence of all who deal with us. Our permanent motto was trust without limits

May God help us all for the good of the country and its people

the message:

For our company to become a major contributor to the national economy, and a major influence in spreading awareness for a better society


To become the leader in the region and to have our company's products available in the Syrian market.

To become the owner of the most important regional and global brands and to have our products available in every home.

To be a harmonious company in spirit and culture, proud of its highly qualified employees

Company Strategies:

To become the regional leader in our industry and creatively distributing products in the Syrian market

Making the most of our production capacity and motivating our employees to work in a team spirit.

Moving from working on available opportunities to strategic market management.

Satisfying market needs through diversified products with good quality and acceptable prices

From Damascus to the world, Al-Saghir Company aspires to reach the global level of all types and types of businesses and work to advance the economy.

rate us:

Live with quality

Excellence in performance, we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

We believe that every business makes a difference, and in every conversation there is an importance during the management of our business. We care about the quality of time, the quality of effort and the quality of the approach to ensure the provision of high quality products to all of our customers.

Live and give

We believe in caring for our people, our customers, and our community.

We believe that living well is a right for everyone. It is one of our ongoing commitments to be educated and to inspire people, wherever they are, to live in a healthy, positive and meaningful way.

Live and learn

We encourage learning and developing our people to the fullest

As science develops, so do our perceptions of health.

We are committed to integrating the latest research, technology and science into our daily business, products, and practices. We are Al Sagheer Company and we love to learn and share what we know.

Live in a team spirit

We work hand in hand to achieve our goals with complete success

Live with fairness and integrity

We adhere to fairness and the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings
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